Canvas of life, color and action

As i keep evaluating my personal website hosted by SmugMug for better viewing experience. One key issue was with big watermarks on images which are embedded automatically when i upload images to gallery. Thankfully, SmugMug allows it to change whenever user wants, so i went ahead and shrunk the watermark to smaller signature in corner and disabled right click protection. This will allow visitors to save and share images quickly and enjoy the art rather than trying not to see the watermark.

Hope you will like the new title of website Canvas of life, color and action

Awais Yaqub


Woman of Sindh

My personal favorite fine art print is available on link:


Woman © Awais Yaqub | Buy Prints from feel free to reblog and share with your friends

The Phantom of the Opera

Majestic Lady finger peak in Hunza valley playing hide and seek in the veil of clouds. The photo reminds me classic play “The Phantom of the Opera”

Go to lightbox to enjoy in hi-res:

Lady Finger Peak, Karakoram Pakistan © Awais Yaqub