SmugMug Success Stories: Awais Yaqub Photographic

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The Globalist: Promoting Cultural Understanding in Living Color

Name: Awais Yaqub
Position/Title: Owner/Principal
Name of Company: Awais Yaqub | Photographic
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
Market: Fine Art, Landscape, Travel
Bragworthy Factoid: Winning CIO’s 2010 Best Photo Blog Award
SmugMugger Since: 2005

Career Highlights…

  • Getting his first camera, a Sony Cybershot, in 2004
  • Accepting his first pro assignments in 2007
  • Seeing his work featured in galleries around the world

Fave Features…

He means business

Yaqub may be the most visually driven MBA on earth. Obsessed with beautiful magazine and book images from childhood, he eventually co-opted his father’s ancient SLR, using it even without film (he shares a laugh over the dead bug they were never able to remove from…

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2 thoughts on “SmugMug Success Stories: Awais Yaqub Photographic

    • Thanks Schmoo! Desire to shoot seems growing day by day and i don’t know where it will lead… how is your new job going, and photography i am following 🙂 i look forward to your visit to this side someday!


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